AfkV - Amt für künstlerische Vermessungen

Luise Klett was the graphic designer for the AfkV project in the EKZ. As a graphic designer at the design office social.form she was responsible for any graphic products of the project for half a year. Based on the graphics of the Office for Artistic Surveys at the "Tanke" created by Paul Jürgens, Luise further developed the form and visual language.
social.form is a design office for project development, space and action, emerged from four years of successful work in the DIESE Studio. Socialform Schafroth & Werth GbR conceive and develop socio-cultural projects, design and plan objects, spaces and buildings and realize socio-spatial sculptures and artistic interventions in urban space.

The AfkV sees itself as a mobile platform for various actions in urban space. It offers people of the city, such as artists, groups and collectives, the possibility to take over the management of the office and to carry out the surveying in their own way. The claim is to create space for other realities of life and horizons of experience. The goal is to find new, diverse perspectives and questions on the topic of society and living together in the city and in the neighborhood.
The AfkV works visibly and tangibly on site. Existing urban space is temporarily repurposed and overwritten as a basis for the surveying activities. In this way, spaces of encounter and possibility are to be created in the neighborhood, where the results of the search movement can be presented, negotiated and further written.
In addition to the surveying activities, these temporary places offer space for projects and activities of the local residents. In this way, local networks are to be established and strengthened, which can continue to exist and have an effect in the neighborhood even after the project is completed.

AfkV im EKZ
The former Toto-Lotto store in the shopping center (EKZ) am See in Darmstadt Kranichstein will become an open project and event space for three months. From May to the end of July, the "Chillaui-Treff - the participatory store for everyone" will feature a colorful socio-cultural program, a variety of activities and offerings by and with people from the district.
These include a clown and a biography workshop, exhibitions and art installations, the painting and printing workshop, a storytelling café, an open parent-child meeting, the Kitchen for All, pub evenings, tea times and also information about the new EKZ building Parallel to the Chillaui-Treff, the Office for Artistic Surveying (AfkV) is moving into the store. The artist Linda Furker, as temporary head of the office, will investigate the significance of the EKZ for the district and its identity together with the residents.

Together with residents and actors she will look for possibilities to use public space during joint walks. In workshops, participants construct their own references to the shopping center using drawing, linocut, stamp printing, and found objects.
The results of the artistic urban research will be exhibited between 16.07. - 30.07. in the form of an expansive installation in the EKZ.
The artist in the EKZ is Linda Furker. With her artistic survey "Wege für Kranichstein" she archives and arranges everyday things graphically. Random encounters make the interrelation between the actions of all residents and actors of the district on the place visible. Architecture, plants, surfaces, monuments, insects, and found objects are refocused - creating graphic and poetic interventions in public space. With residents and actors, she searches for possibilities to use public space during joint walks. In workshops, participants construct their own references to the mall using drawing, linocut, stamp printing, and found objects. Who are the decision-makers in public space? What visions do they have for Kranichstein and what do their visions derive from? Do all residents agree on the use? What would the people of Kranichstein do if they could freely design this place according to their ideas and needs?

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