Tuft Stitch Cast 
An interdisciplinary Bauhaus module of the product design, visual communication and fine arts programs. The project was exhibited at the Winterwerkschau 2020. 
The first rug gets its composition from tufting both sides of the canvas, which breaks down the conventional understanding of a front and back in rug making. The design principle builds on the sources of error in the tufting process. The loss of the thread sets the rhythm of the interplay. In the aleatoric, i.e. random, process, the error thus becomes the performative design measure. In this process, we as designers are the players of the guided chance. The second object objectifies the color values that were created by the preceding random design process. It represents the abstraction of the information created in the first object. The rhythm of the alternation is taken up again and transferred by setting the machine down. Places of alternation are now marked by hanging threads.


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