Das blumen offer art a framework
8.08.- 8.09.21

With the aim of giving artists from the region the opportunity to show their work in public space, "das blumen" has created the poster project "frameworks". From many different 27 were selected. For one month the artworks decorated the windows of some popular restaurants in Darmstadt and were exhibited there. Provided with a simple "Frame", the motifs could be the motifs could be seen in and around the Martinsviertel. The campaign has already ended, but all prints can be seen on their own website. 
"Kleine Freuden" is an illustration in DinA1 format, which was made for this exhibition. On the print you can see a still life, which is supposed to evoke joy and positive emotions in the viewer. In its attention to detail, the image is intended to invite the vacation and the summer into his own four walls. The Aperol Spritz in the cut reminds of lukewarm summer nights and the colorful bouquet of flowers of an impulse purchase, which was made on the way back from the bathing lake on the market. The work of art was on display in the ice cream store Thildas Eis in the Martinsviertel district of Darmstadt. In addition to the poster, flowery motifs were also created for stamps, which were printed in cooperation with Deutsche Post.

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