Feligreno is the first winery on the Bergstrasse to farm their land exclusively organically. In the original areas in Zwingenberg they preserve through their work partly historical cultural landscapes with unique vineyard flora and fauna. The aim of their work is always to use the land as gently and naturally as possible, which is why Feligreno also partly cultivate the vineyards with sheep. These avoid excessive soil compaction and also preserve the necessary habitat for beneficial insects. Feligreno's conviction is that only healthy and ecologically valuable soils produce wines of the highest quality. 

Grown, harvested, pressed, bottled, designed and labeled regionally.
The labels of Feligreno's various wines are printed on recycled paper. There is only this one additional source of waste in addition to the closure. There is no need for additional banderoles or other labels. The labels are water-soluble and after consumption the bottles can be returned or handed in every Friday at the farmers' market in Darmstadt Bessungen. These bottles are in turn cleaned and reused for further wine.
The designs of the various labels are visually always directly related to Feligreno's vineyards. They represent the diversity of the vineyards and their small peculiarities. Luise Klett has been designing labels for the company since 2022.

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