Bachelorthesis "Damaskuserlebnis"
The Book is a collection of diverse contributions related to the country of Syria. Fifteen contributors offer insight into their very personal Syria between the years 1953 and 2022. The intention of this work is to sensitize our society to different cultural contexts in terms of integration and unbiased communication. It is intended to encourage people to become active, to profess values and to stand up for one another. The open exchange as a community is to be strengthened. We must be open-minded instead of closed-minded. We must recognize our own strengths and translate them to help each other. I see my role as a designer as creating visibility, with the help of thoughtful design. Design that informs and collaborates with others to create a something new.
In the past, as today, people all over the world leave their homes behind in search of a new future. The numbers of people fleeing are constantly increasing and for this reason it is important to have an extraverted interaction with each other and to create spaces for common discourse. If we read something about Syria today: then mostly in connection with war, suffering and torture. From the stories of my grandparents and and other persons with a contribution in the book, I know that Syria was and still is much more. My grandfather, for example, described Syria as a colorful, open, joyful country with thousands of smells and sounds. A place of friendship and great hospitality, work and progress. My motivation for this work is also to show the positive sides of the Middle East. Nevertheless, it is of great importance to understand how it could come to the current situation in Syria.

Cooperation with the LUCIA Verlag Weimar and Wortschatz
The price of the book is composed of the production costs of 15 euros and a donation of 7 euros, which will go to the association "Wortschatz - Netzwerk Welcome Weimar "* collected after the sale of the books. The 15 Euro production costs will go completely to the LUCIA publishing house. This money will be used to cover running costs and to support new publication projects in the university context. 
* Wortschatz - Netzwerk Welcome Weimar is a language workshop and sees itself as a dynamic low-threshold offer to improve one's own language together and to learn from and with each other. In small groups, volunteer students support refugees and international students and can try out alternatives to common teaching methods and integrate them into the interactive courses. 
The courses are open to all and are intended to create meeting spaces as a supplement to other German courses. In addition, refugee students are supported in learning workshops at two Weimar schools. Registration takes place at the start of each semester.

ISBN 978-3-945301-55-5 
104 pages 
16.5 × 23.5 × 1 cm 
Fall 2022 Edition is limited to 150 copies 
Printing & Binding:
 DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH
Thread-sewn brochure OTA-Bind digital printing 
Paper: 270 gsm Symbol Card 120 gsm Lona Offset 
Fonts: ES Face (Extraset) Suisse Int'l (Swiss Typefaces) Nassim Arabic Pro (Adobe Originals)
Bachelor thesis Supervised by:
Junior-Prof. Stefanie Schwarz 
Dipl.-Des. Stefan Guzy
Department of Visual Communication Faculty of Art and Design Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

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