RESET - A lecture series on responsibility, resilience and rigour

We need to renavigate, We lost our destination. The route is to be negotiated, is there a common goal? This lecture series is asking about a reset in architecture. How did we come this far? Which disciplines do we need to include to master the present and future? What are we wishing for? We are asking our accomplices in architecture, art and urbanism about their ways to navigate their practice.

Our second Roundtalk this semester will be given by Theo Deutinger. @theo_deutinger 

Theo Deutinger is an architect, writer, and designer of socio-cultural studies. He is founder and head of TD, an office that combines architecture with research, visualization, and conceptual thinking in all scale levels from global planning, urban master plans, architecture to graphical and journalistic work. Deutinger’s work was part of international presentations at the 14th Architecture Biennale in Venice (2014), the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (2017), and Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York (2019). Theo Deutinger has taught project studios at the Berlage Institute at TU Delft, the Strelka Institute in Moscow, and Harvard Graduate School of Design. Currently, he is teaching at TU Vienna.

We are very pleased to be collaborating with several artists for the posters in the Roundtalk series, to show various interpretations of our lecture series theme. The graphic for this poster is the work of Luise Klett @luiseklett and is titled: 

„Destroyed suspension bridge at Fláajökull“

Her photograph was taken at the foot of the glacier tongue of Fláajökull. It is located on the eastern side of Iceland and covers the volcano Breiðabunga. Due to climate change, the glacier has declined by two kilometers in the last century. Accordingly, the glacier river is getting wider and the water level is rising. The bridge, with which it was possible to cross the river, was destroyed by the water masses and juts out of the river like a monument.

The Roundtalk will be held in German, but questions in English are more than welcomed!

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